Pro-Biden Union Boss: Trump Support Among Union Members "Solid"

There's a huge gap between the traditional unions which represent workers, the public sector unions, which are the result of corrupt sweetheart deals with politicians, and the health care unions. The building unions actually work, the public sector unions don't work, and the health care unions are just radical lefties and illegal aliens campaigning for government health care. Not much is going to happen with municipal unions, except the inevitable detonation of pension bombs that will clear away the sweetheart deals, and the health care unions are Bernie Sanders territory, but the trade unions are Trump territory. Despite the best efforts of Democrats.

Joe Biden has pitched himself to voters as a “union man,” a son of Scranton, Pa., who respects the dignity of work and will defend organized labor if he wins the White House. To rank-and-file members in some unions, especially the building trades, it doesn’t matter. They’re still firmly in Donald Trump’s camp.

Biden's working man shtick seems solid to D.C. lefties who don't work for a living, but like to listen to songs about union protests. It falls flat in the real world.

Labor leaders have worked for months to sell their members on Biden, hoping to avoid a repeat of 2016 when Donald Trump outperformed among union members and won the White House. But despite a bevy of national union endorsements for Biden and years of what leaders call attacks on organized labor from the Trump administration, local officials in critical battleground states said support for Trump remains solid.

“We haven’t moved the needle here,” said Mike Knisley, executive secretary-treasurer with the Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council.

Maybe another call for a national mask mandate will do it.

“He has a very, very, very solid foundation of our members,” said James Williams, a vice president of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, whose surveys of members painted a similar picture. “They connect with his messaging and a lot of the fear-mongering going all the way back to when he was first elected with, ‘Be afraid of the immigrant. The immigrant’s here to take your job.’ That resonated with our membership. They feel like their way of life and their way of living is under attack and without really understanding the dynamics at play. I mean, the immigrant worker is being abused by employers.”

Beyond Trump, the obvious reality here is that unions have largely sold out their members to join the larger lefty agenda of race-baiting and open borders. 

None of that is good for union members.

“It doesn’t seem like there’s anybody changing their minds,” said Don Furko, president of the United Steelworkers Local 1557 in Clairton, Pennsylvania, who said the majority of his membership is backing Trump.

“The biggest argument that I have from our membership is that this isn’t a blue-collar, working-class Democratic Party that my dad or mom was in,” Knisell said. “It’s morphed into something different.”

As the riots continue to helpfully remind everyone.