Russian Trolls Spread False Claims of Trump Using Post Office to Stop Mail Voting

The Democrats built their claim of a stolen election and an urgent need to censor conservatives on social media around Russia's Internet Research Agency.

Except as had been amply documented by independent reports, by Facebook, and by a Senate report, the IRA trolls were opporunistic. They exploited the election aftermath more than the election itself, and were focused on using hyper-partisan to push readers on the Left and the Right on the issues they cared about.

Trump not actually being one of them.

It's like someone coming over to you and saying, "You like the Broncos? Me too. Great. Now let's talk about why Russia was right to annex Crimea."

The IRA trolls had focused much of their attention on black people because old Commies never actually learn any new tricks even if they're using the internet.

Democrats and their media aggressively did their best to ignore all this while pushing the Hillary opposition research claim of a Trump-Russia alliance of internet trolls who are out to rig this election.

Except here's a major problem.

A Russian influence operation posed as an independent news outlet to target left-wing voters in the United States and Britain, including by recruiting freelance journalists to write about domestic politics, Facebook said on Tuesday.

Facebook said its investigation "found links to individuals associated with past activity by the Russian Internet Research Agency", a St Petersburg-based company which U.S. intelligence officials say was central to Russian efforts to sway the 2016 presidential election.

Twitter said it had also suspended five accounts as part of the operation which it could "reliably attribute to Russian state actors."

Investigators at social media analytics firm Graphika studied the operation and said Peace Data predominately targeted progressive and left-wing groups in the United States and Britain, but also posted about events in other countries including Algeria and Egypt.

Peace Data looked like a fairly generic leftist outlet, complete with randomly generated photos of hipster contributors, and lots of talk about militarism and colonialism.

As I said, old Commies hardly have to learn any new tricks.

There's the expected bashing of NATO, the Saudis, and Israel, plus this awesome Trump Post Office conspiracy thing.

The issue with this rejection of emergency funding is more than just the fact that it is illegal and a federal crime. USPS is one of the leading employers of minorities, women, and veterans. Tons of jobs have been cut and many are reaping the consequences. Veterans and many others rely solely on the service to deliver their medications, for voting reasons, and for employments. Manipulation tactics by Trump harm more than just those eager to see him out of office.

The president’s comments also come amid accusations that Louis DeJoy, the new postmaster general is making cuts at the agency to intentionally slow down the mail.

Louis DeJoy serves as an avid Trump donor and member of the Republican party. According to CNN, he has shown “financial interest” in companies that intersect between his job and his beliefs.

It's awesome that Russian trolls are spreading CNN conspiracy theories to undermine confidence in our political system. Can Facebook start cracking down on CNN's conspiracy theories now?