Scientific American Would Like to Remind You It's Not "Scientific" or "American"

Yet another subscription you might want to cancel if you're still subscribing to dead tree lefty publications that have little to do with their original histories or names.

If you recall Popular Mechanics publishing a guide on how to topple statues, you probably already know that the old popular science publications are little more than warehouses of lefty rants written by cultural studies bloggers. That's also been the case with Scientific American, which, like the Holy Roman Empire, is neither Scientific nor American, but is, like much of American publishing, a subsidiary of a giant billion dollar German corporation.

"Biden receives endorsement from Scientific American, magazine's first in 175-year history," NBC News crows.

Here's some other content from the front page of what used to be a respected publication.

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This isn't science. These are partisan SJW-inflected rants meant for a likeminded audience who want to hear that Trump is evil and obsess over the latest conspiracy theory, like mail-sorting machines. The only surprising thing about the Biden endorsement is that SA didn't first endorse Bernie Sanders.