Socialist Dem Candidate Blames Lack of Socialized Medicine for Abusing Girlfriend

You may recall Aaron Coleman as a leftist candidate who won the Democrat primary for a State House seat in Kansas despite being well... a younger Joe Biden.

Coleman has admitted to bullying, blackmailing and using revenge porn against young girls while in middle school.

He also posted now-deleted comments on social media saying he’d laugh if a Republican lawmaker died of COVID-19 and said he supports abortion up until birth.

The Intercept, the voice of the radical Left, under Glenn Greenwald, initially went to bat for him, and then even a site overseen by a guy who defended Hamas decided to actually pull back because his ex-girlfriend accused Coleman of choking her.

A Topeka woman said Kansas House candidate Aaron Coleman physically assaulted and threatened to kill her in a roughly two-month relationship ending in January, the most recent in a string of accusations against the teenager.

“I hope you get abducted raped chopped up and have ya pieces scattered around and Burnt in different locations,” Coleman texted in response to Passow’s hitchhiking idea. “Read about it. dangerous for women to hitchhike.”

Coleman proceeded to call her “retarded” for considering it and said “they might kill you first and rape your corpse” if she was to follow through.

Coleman has promised to resign and then unresigned, before once again resigning. He now also has a new tweet blaming his actions on a lack of socialized medicine.

Titled, "Statement from Democratic Party nominee Aaron Coleman of Kansas’ 37th District on relationship problems", he claims that he was abusive, but did not choke his girlfriend. 

It concludes with, "We must pass Medicaid for All so people can receive counseling and mental health support based on need for treatment and not ability to pay. I believe with some counseling, my ex and I would have had more self-respect and treated each other better."

I abused my ex because America doesn't offer free socialized medicine counseling for psychos is really quite an argument.

Coleman's Twitter bio includes, "Ask me about socialism."

No need. This is what a socialist looks like.


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