Two Officers Mostly Peacefully Shot in Mostly Peaceful BLM Riots in Louisville

The polling on this (and I mean the stuff that isn't being made public) is bad enough that Joe Biden now rushes out to condemn the BLM riots, just not by name, in order to convince voters that his party isn't up to it neck in these riots. 

The media's "mostly peaceful" shtick has also worn thin.

The public is waking up and turning against BLM. It's a slow and incremental process, but it's panicking the Democrats.

Team Biden has realized that while the riots may have helped them in some ways, they've long since passed them red line of helping them and are now hurting them and are coming close to losing the election for them. A growing number of residents in blue cities are indicating that they would vote Trump back in to stop the blatant abuse.

This is bad news for the Dems who are starting to sense that they might have overplayed their hand.