Woodward: My Priority Was Getting Trump Smear Out Before Election


“If I had done the story at that time about what he knew in February, that’s not telling us anything we didn’t know,” Woodward said. At that point, he said, the issue was no longer one of public health but of politics. His priority became getting the story out before the election in November.

“That was the demarcation line for me,” he said. “Had I decided that my book was coming out on Christmas, the end of this year, that would have been unthinkable.”

It would have been "unthinkable" not to get the smear out before Election Day.


1. If Trump loses, the value of Rage and Woodward's smear go in the toilet. And so do his profits and his reputation. The book was always going to release before the election. Follow the money.

2. Woodward, who has come under occasional attack by the Left, would like to remind everyone that his priority was stopping President Trump, not just filthy lucre. 

Asked why he didn’t share Trump’s February remarks for a fellow Post reporter to pursue, Woodward said he had developed “some pretty important sources” on his own.

“Could I have brought others in? Could they have done things I couldn’t do?” he asked. “I was on the trail, and I was (still) on the trail when it (the virus) exploded.”

Bob Woodward, facing widespread criticism for only now revealing President Donald Trump’s early concerns about the severity of the coronavirus, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he needed time to be sure that Trump’s private comments from February were accurate.

This is a nonsensical word salad. There was no trail and nothing to check out. 

Woodward did a bunch of interviews with Trump. He went over the material closely looking for things he could use, especially taken out of context, and he prepped them to try and make sure that Rage did better than Fear. 

There's zero responsibility or journalism here. It's about power and politics. Journalism, when it comes to Republicans, is just an opposition research op.


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