4 Dem Judges, 3 Minority, Tell Manhattan DA, He's a Dangerous Clown

While New York City is overrun by criminals, DA Vance is focused on the important mission of going after President Trump, his associates, and anyone who does anything politically incorrect. The same DA who gave Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein a pass is, like so many New York Democrat officials, spending all his time going after political enemies while criminals run wild.

The Manhattan district attorney’s poor relationship with the police had cratered when he announced that he was giving Black Lives Matter rioters a pass. That included the BLM racist who had scrawled obscene and hateful graffiti on the walls of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Vance has never been especially interested in conventional crime anyway. The blue-blooded official, who despises the men and women in blue, had blown through almost $250,000 on dining and travel expenses in 5 years by doing things like staying at a five-star hotel in Paris and a London hotel with a rooftop pool overlooking St. Paul’s.

The money came out of the $800 million asset forfeiture fund under Vance’s control which has also been used to send cash to pro-crime groups and legal aid societies. The Manhattan DA’s office is effectively funding its own opposition in court while Vance lives the high life.

There's a lot more in my article on the Vance disgrace. But now, four judges, all Democrat appointees, three of them minorities, brushed off his plan to go after Manafort some more. Whatever you think of Manafort, this move was blatantly illegal.

And the decision says so.

A four-judge New York state Supreme Court appellate panel unanimously ruled Thursday that the state's double-jeopardy law — aimed at preventing reprosecution of defendants on the same or similar charges already faced in federal court — barred a 16-count indictment that Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. brought last March.

The two-page order on Manafort’s appeal brusquely dismissed Vance’s arguments that the prosecution was permitted because the mortgage fraud and business records falsification charges were sufficiently different from a broad federal tax and bank fraud case special counsel Robert Mueller had brought against the longtime lobbyist and political consultant in 2018.

The decision here doesn't even run two pages. That it had to be issued at all is nothing short of ridiculous.

What it might as well say is that DA Vance is a dangerous clown who dragged out a blatantly illegal case, either because he didn't realize what any first year law student should have, or because he's blatantly launching prosecutions to cash in on resistance cred. Either one is wildly unacceptable. 


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