59% of Cuban-Americans to Vote Trump, Only 25% Back Biden

Good thing for the Dems, Cuban-Americans aren't a major population bloc in a swing state. Right?

The FIU poll of Cuban-Americans has two kinds of bad news for Democrats, bad news, and really bad news.

90% of Cuban-Americans definitely plan to vote, 

59% will vote for President Trump and only 25% for Biden.

Even among registered Democrats, 15% will vote for Trump.

While the media often insists that younger Cuban-Americans are more liberal, and it's true, but 55% of 18-39 year olds are still voting for Trump, as are 46% of Cubans born in America.

62% of Cuban-Americans strongly support Trump's handling of the economy, 42% on the coronavirus, 52% on China, 48% on Cuba, 39% on the protests, 37% on race relations, 44% on health care, and 64% on immigration.

These are the strongly support numbers. Not the overall approval for these issues which is higher.


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