83% of Orthodox Jews Voting for Trump, 13% for Biden

(Poll and photo via Ami magazine.)

The Democrats have not only jettisoned Israel while marrying Iran, their most prominent party figure, AOC, is heading an openly antisemitic movement, and just came off announcing that she wouldn't participate in a Rabin event, while meeting with the guys who head to every Iran Holocaust cartoon contest.

Top that off with Cuomo and De Blasio deciding that the best way to prep for the election was to go to war with Orthodox Jews, and the results aren't good.

And by "aren't good", I mean 83% of Orthodox Jews polled intend to vote for President Trump, and only 13% for Joe Biden. Another 4% are undecided.

Ami Magazine's poll was conducted across 22 states, but this won't make much of a difference in New York, but there is a sizable Orthodox Jewish population in Florida, somewhat smaller ones in Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

So this does have a swing state impact.

A lot of people are putting this down to Israel. And sure that's a major factor. Especially among Modern Orthodox Jews who tend to be more Zionist. But there's something bigger going on culturally, poll shows distrust of the media, a sense that the establishment is hostile to traditional religion, something that De Blasio and Cuomo have certainly affirmed, and a general distrust of the ruling class. These are factors that have elevated Trump around the country with different groups.

The conservative political tilt among Orthodox Jews is not a new development. It's one that I have frequently written about.

Orthodox Jews voted for Romney and Bush in large numbers in New York. But before Ami, there's been little and poor nationwide polling, not just of Orthodox Jews, but of Jews in general.

Previous election polling suggested that this would hold up this time around. From Los Angeles....

A high percentage of Orthodox Jews think of themselves as Republican, and similarly high levels approve of President Trump. For example, 70% of Orthodox voters approve of the president, including 55% who strongly approve.

And New York...

The latest Siena College poll shows that President Trump has a higher approval rating among New York’s Jews than Senator Sanders.

50% of Jewish people in New York rate Trump positively. Meanwhile 61% rate Sanders negatively.

Only 6% of Jews would vote for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.

And more Jews would vote for Trump over Sanders on Election Day.

And the 2016 result.

Seen from above, the 2016 electoral map of New York City is blue with dots of red. Trump’s home district is blue, but across the water a red wedge slices into Brooklyn. Around that red wedge are districts where Hillary won 90 percent of the vote and Trump was lucky to get 5 percent. Inside it, he beat her in district after district.

The voters who handed him that victory are the Chassidic Jews of Williamsburg who dress in fur hats and black caftans. 

East of Prospect Park, in a vast sea of blue, is what looks like a red sofa. Trump won here with the Chabad Chassidim of Crown Heights. He won in the more mainstream Orthodox Jewish communities of Flatbush. He won by huge margins among the Russian Jewish immigrants of Brighton Beach who listen to a man dubbed the “Russian Rush Limbaugh.” 

As the left-wing Forward put it, “Nearly every election district that Trump won in Brooklyn was in a Jewish neighborhood.” But it was a certain type of Jewish neighborhood. The wrong type.

“You can compare them to Rust Belt voters,” a Forward source states. “They are hardworking people, not college educated.”

Trump voters, in other words.

They don't go to college, instead they go to synagogue.

60 percent of Jews that attend weekly religious services disapprove of Obama. Only 34 percent approve.

Among those who don’t attend religious services, approval of Obama stood at 58 percent to 38 percent.

There are really two Jewish votes; the religious Jewish vote and the secular Jewish vote.

Biden, like Hillary and Obama, is losing the religious vote and winning the secular vote.


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