Bernie Sanders Blames Israel for Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting at Soros Group's Memorial

This wasn't a memorial by the actual synagogue that was shot up. Instead Bend the Arc, a toxic leftist group backed by Soros' son, tried to hijack the memorialization of the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue by an alt-righter to push an anti-Israel and anti-Jewish agenda.

And who better to invite to that kind of circus than Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders delivered, bashing Israel, and insisting that the shooting of 11 Jews wasn't really about Jews, but about "multiracial democracy" and "immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ people".

Then he shifted over to insisting, "All over the world — in Russia, in India, in Brazil, in Hungary, in Israel and elsewhere, we see this rise of a divisive and destructive form of politics", appearing to suggest that Israel was associated with some sort of white supremacist upsurge around the world.

It's vile and routine for Sanders who has repeatedly enabled the world's worst antisemites and brought them into his campaign. Meanwhile the same organizations that attack any critics of George Soros will remain silent about this ugliness.

When Imam Omar Suleiman appeared at a Bernie rally in Mesquite, TX, the hateful Islamist cleric spoke in front of a backdrop of giant American flags and signs urging donations to Sanders. Before Bernie took the stage, he called for an, "America where we uplift our most vulnerable, celebrate our diversity."

Earlier in the conflict, Omar had tweeted, “God willing on this blessed night as the 3rd Intifada begins, the beginning of the end of Zionism is here. May Allah help us overcome this monster, protect the innocent of the world, and accept the murdered as martyrs. ameen #48kMarch #3rdIntifada.”

A year before his Hamas outrage, Imam Suleiman had claimed in a YouTube video that, “If it was not for Bani Israel, meat would not decay." The hateful cleric was quoting an Islamic hadith which blamed meat going bad on the Jewish people. 

But Bernie, like Brutus, is an honorable man.

Yesterday at the Dearborn, Michigan rally for Bernie Sanders, a number of antisemites took to the stage to speak in support of Bernie Sanders. People like Imam Al-Hassan Qazwini, who compared Trump to the coronavirus:

Qazwini’s anti-Semitism was apparent even in his “compliment” of Democratic Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as “an honorable man, even though he is a Jew.”

It's a good thing then that Bernie is being tipped for a cabinet position in any potential Biden administration and that his allies are taking over the Democrats.


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