Biden Wins Endorsement of Cambodian Genocide Denier

Not really a new development.

Last month, Chomsky was one of the signatories to a letter urging lefties to vote for Biden. Or, more specifically, "So it undeniably comes down to this—help Biden or increase the risk that Trump wins. And what helps elect Biden? Voting for Biden all over helps ward off post-election Trumpian tactics. Voting for Biden in swing states is essential."

Some lefties were unhappy, leading to Chomsky arguing with the "Dirtbag Left" about the importance of defeating Trump even if it means voting for Biden.

For Republicans, this is largely a spectator sport with conservatives obviously rooting for the Never Biden crowd to win. Not that it matters because your average Never Biden fanboy of Bernie and the Green Party lives in a deep blue state, unless they're going to college, or working as an activist somewhere.

Yet there's another point that should be made here.

Noam Chomsky has essentially endorsed Biden. Is Biden going to be asked to disavow the endorsement? Don't count on it. And yet he should be.

As Discover the Network, a Freedom Center project, notes...

 Chomsky was one of the chief deniers of the Cambodian genocide of the 1970s, which took place in the wake of the Communist victory and American withdrawal from Indochina. He directed vitriolic attacks towards the reporters and witnesses who testified to the human catastrophe that was taking place there. Initially, Chomsky tried to minimize the deaths (a “few thousand”) and compared those killed by Pol Pot and his followers to the collaborators who had been executed by resistance movements in Europe at the end of World War II. By 1980, however, it was no longer possible to deny that some 2 million of Cambodia’s 7.8 million people had perished at the hands of the Communists. But Professor Chomsky continued to deny the genocide, proposing that the underlying problem may have been a failure of the rice crop. As late as 1988, Chomsky returned to the subject and insisted that whatever had happened in Cambodia, the U.S. was to blame.

Also there's the whole Holocaust issue.

In 1980, Chomsky authored the preface to a book by the French writer Robert Faurisson, a Holocaust denier who claimed that Jewish organizations had fabricated tales of the Holocaust in order to extort war reparations from Germany and to cultivate international support for the establishment of a Jewish state.

Despite all this, Chomsky's only reputational damage on the Left has come from urging lefties to vote for Joe Biden. Meanwhile, Biden won't be asked about being endorsed by a genocide denier.