Build Your Own Facebook Other Myths That Keep Conservatives From Fighting Big Tech

When it comes to fighting censorship by Big Tech monopolies there are two related, but distinct issues.

The censorship of conservative political speech is a problem because it prevents conservatives from connecting with likeminded people and because it prevents them from reaching potentially persuadable voters.

The frequent refrain "Don't use Facebook" or "Use App X" are not serious answers, but they really don't address the second point.

The vast majority of registered voters are on Facebook. Trump's 2016 victory was fed in no small part by his campaign's use of Facebook and Twitter. And that also consists of two things, reaching conservatives, and reaching independent voters. 

And yes, even Democrats.

Being unable to use Facebook is the equivalent of being unable to run local ads. And arguably far worse. 

The usual glib "Don't use Facebook" responses ignore the inescapable fact that it controls 80% of social media and a whole lot of people get their news from there. Ceding the space reduces conservatives to a ghetto app or service that can be eliminated at will by Apple, Google, and any other providers when they please. And it also makes it impossible to reach the voters that Republicans need to win elections.

If conservatives get cut out of the national conservation on social media, all those people you know who might like some of Trump's ideas, but go back and forth, are going to be exposed to leftist messages all the time. And that's going to influence how they vote. Building a conservative echo chamber won't fix that. It's a surrender.

Conservatives don't need a safe space, we need a level political playing field. 

Not all that long ago, people being discriminated against when eating at lunch counters was seen as a crisis requiring intervention. Half the political spectrum being cut out of the national conversation on any terms other than those of the media is a crisis. And it requires intervention.