Cuomo Falsely Claims He Didn't Transfer Coronavirus Patients to Nursing Homes

If a bottomless well of amorality, utter cynicism and total chutzpah are qualifiers for the Democrat nomination, Governor Andrew Cuomo is a 2024 frontrunner. You just have to ignore all the dead nursing home patients. Possibly as many as 11,000 even by mainstream media counts.

Back in April when I first wrote about it, hardly anyone was talking about the consequences of Cuomo's policies. Since then the facts have kept coming in. And the facts are not in dispute.

In New York, Governor Cuomo’s Health Department had issued an order on March 25th to "expand hospital capacity" by forcing nursing homes to "comply with the expedited receipt of residents returning from hospitals to NHs" and warned facilities that, "no resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19."

It took over 5,000 deaths for Cuomo to partially reverse his grandma-killing policy which had killed 5% of residents of nursing homes in the state. It was a partial reversal, because nursing homes still couldn’t remove infected patients, but hospitals were no longer allowed to discharge infected patients to homes.

Cuomo has argued that no one should be prosecuted for nursing home deaths because they would have died anyway. “Older people… are going to die from this virus,” he argued, dismissing the outrage of the families of the dead. “I don't think there's any logical rationale to say that they would be alive today.”

Cuomo has tried every possible dodge from releasing a report blaming asymptomatic staff, to shouting that it's all about politics, to a new level of gaslighting.

Early in the pandemic, state officials sought to rapidly expand hospital capacity, fearing the system would become overwhelmed with cases. But ultimately, the state did not transfer COVID-19-positive patients to nursing homes, Cuomo said in the call on Wednesday. 

"It just never happened that we needed a nursing home to take a COVID positive person," he said.

This is one of those "meaning of is" moments.

Cuomo's administration ordered nursing homes to take coronavirus patients. Over 6,000 such people, at least, were placed in nursing homes. Since nursing homes were alternately compelled and bribed to accept such patients, Cuomo is falsely denying that his actions caused the placement of infected patients and the subsequent death toll. Or rather he's denying that the state somehow transferred patients to nursing homes, which is a non-issue, because that's not how the system works.

In other words, Cuomo is denying something that never happened in order to make it seem like what did happen never happened.

It's the equivalent of a serial killer who stabbed dozens of people claiming that he never attacked them with an axe.


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