Democrats Go Anti-Vaxx on Coronavirus Vaccine

It's okay. As usual, we're at war with whomever we're at war with until we're not. In this house we believe in science, until science is on President Trump's side.

The share of adults who say they’d get a coronavirus vaccine if one became available reached 48 percent, the lowest point in Morning Consult polling, as confidence wavered among Democrats last week.

In the Oct. 8-10 poll, 55 percent of Democrats said they’d seek a coronavirus vaccine, down from 60 percent the week before, while the share among Republicans remained level at 48 percent and independents dipped 2 points, to 41 percent.

During the spring, around 80% of Democrats, a high, were willing to take the vaccine. Now it's done to 55%.

Now, despite the media narrative, there are reasonable reasons to be skeptical of taking some vaccines, and particularly a vaccine developed at breakneck speed, but the Democrats went from pressuring social media to suppress any content skeptical of vaccines as a threat to public health, to going that route themselves.

Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris fueled hostility to a potential vaccine simply because President Trump was in the White House. Even though it's not like Trump is in the lab with the beakers.

At the Veep debate, Pence correctly scolded Kamala Harris over it, and the media frantically rushed to focus on a fly that landed on his head.

But Democrats obviously don't want a vaccine election surprise. And so all the sanctimony about public health quickly went out the window.

Meanwhile, seemingly oblivious, the media political machine claimed a victory for banning anti-vaccine ads on Facebook, putting it on a level with Holocaust denial, even as their ticket is essentially running on an anti-vaccine platform.

But, as usual, it's different when it serves Democrat ends.