FBI Money Laundering Investigation of Hunter Biden Confirmed

Not a huge surprise because the FBI subpoena for the Hunter Biden laptop was pursuant to a money laundering investigation.

The FBI’s subpoena of a laptop and hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden came in connection with a money laundering investigation in late 2019, according to documents obtained by Fox News and verified by multiple federal law enforcement officials who reviewed them.

It is unclear, at this point, whether the investigation is ongoing or if it was directly related to Hunter Biden. 

The document has a “Case ID” section, which is filled in with a hand-written number: 272D-BA-3065729. 

According to multiple officials, and the FBI’s website, “272” is the bureau’s classification for money laundering, while “272D” refers to “Money Laundering, Unknown SUA [Specified Unlawful Activity]—White Collar Crime Program,” according to FBI documents. One government official described “272D” as “transnational or blanket.” 

It's now a lot clearer that the investigation is or was directly related to Hunter Biden and his associates. And Tony Bublinski stated that he was questioned by the FBI in an investigation relating to Hunter Biden.

Of course an FBI investigation is a long way from... an actual investigation. A lot has to do with the people in question as we've seen with Hillary Clinton and her associates. This time around the FBI had kept the investigation under wraps and that might mean it's real or that it's being suppressed. We've seen the FBI engage in a straightforward cover-up when it came to the Clintons, handing out immunity agreements and destroying devices.

But the money laundering part of this is important. Hunter Biden was greedy and, as some messages show, getting desperate. And if money was being moved around, that's a trial that can entangle multiple Biden family members including, quite possibly, the Chairman or the Big Guy.

At this point the Big Tech/media arguments for sitting on the story are deader than doornails. This isn't just something the New York Post posted, it's the subject of an FBI investigation. And while the media will still keep fighting it, further efforts by Big Tech to block the story are blatant election interference.

A presidential candidate's son being under FBI investigation is a major story. But then again, so is a presidential candidate's spouse and you know how many stories we saw about Bernie's wife. (It won't surprise you how that investigation ended either.)

At this point, actual FBI investigations are "unverified" or "Russian disinformation", but assorted media claims based on anonymous sources are solid and fact-checked.


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