The Foreign Media Will Cover the Hunter Biden Story, the US Media Won't

This is one of those "tells" that you're living in a totalitarian nation. It happens when the foreign media will cover major breaking stories about your leaders that your own media, mysteriously, won't. Now I won't claim that the foreign coverage of the Hunter Biden story is all that great, but, unlike the US coverage, it exists.

Meanwhile the only thing about the story that the US media will cover is Facebook and Twitter taking action to suppress the "suspicious" story.

Now this is a classic case of passing the ball. Social media credits the media for a decision to shut down the story. Then the media treats the social media crackdown as evidence that the story is suspicious.

This is the equivalent of the news stories based on the Steele Dossier being used as evidence that its claims were real.

The media and social media acting in concert to suppress a story damaging to their political candidate is obvious election interference and evidence that they are functioning as a cartel.

That cartel must be broken up.