How the Media Decides Which Large Gatherings Spread the Coronavirus and Which Don't

A story in three headlines.

Washington Post: How the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may have spread coronavirus across the Upper Midwest 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Trump draws thousands, many without masks, to Janesville as cases of coronavirus soar in Wisconsin  

CBS New York - Hasidic Wedding Scheduled For Monday In Williamsburg Could Test Resolve Of COVID Enforcement  

So large gatherings are bad? But wait...

Photos: 4th annual Women's March draws protesters across the country - ABC News

Thousands of protesters took part in women’s marches on Saturday, with a main event in Washington, D.C., and sister marches taking place across the country. rganizers had anticipated 116,000 in-person and virtual participants. They said tens of thousands showed up at what turned out to be 438 #CountonUs marches across all 50 states.

Zero mention of pandemics, masks or any risk from large gatherings.

Women's Marches Bring Thousands To Washington, D.C., And Cities Nationwide - NPR

Like ABC News and most media outlets, NPR offers little more than a press release for the march with lots of photos and video.

The Women's March, like Black Lives Matter riots, doesn't spread the virus. But Trump rallies, Chassidic weddings and motorcycle rallies do.

Why? Who knows. It's "science". And by "science", I mean false claims by a deeply dishonest media operation.


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