If Biden Wins, Bernie Sanders Could Kill Businesses Across America

Endorsements are deal. A politician endorses another politician in exchange for a favor down the road. Endorsing a presidential candidate, if you're important enough, comes with the expectation of a prominent position.

If you're the runner-up and command a sizable loyal following, you expect a cabinet position.

Hillary Clinton got the Secretary of State job from Obama. What position does Bernie Sanders want from Biden?

Three guesses as to what a hoary lefty who grew up on union songs wants and the first two don't matter.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is hoping to be a part of Joe Biden’s potential administration and has expressed a particular interest in becoming Labor secretary, two people familiar with the conversations tell POLITICO.

Yet two other people close to Sanders, including one former aide, said the senator has expressed interest in being in the administration, should Biden win in November. Sanders has been making his push for the top job at the Labor Department in part by reaching out to allies on the transition team, one person familiar with the process said.

Of course he does, and, as Labor Secretary, he could wreak havoc on businesses and industries across America.

Bernie Sanders would control business-union relations and use that to advance socialism while wiping out those companies that don't comply. If you think the Democrat push to ban gig labor was big, you can bet Bernie is thinking much bigger.


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