Kamala Harris Lied Repeatedly and Got Away With It

Senator Kamala Harris rambled through the debate lying about everything, from her call to ban fracking to Abraham Lincoln's response to a Supreme Court vacancy.

And she won't be called on it or fact checked about it because her lies are mostly the second hand products of the media that claims to fact check politicians.

If Kamala appeared to be a vacuous and hollow personality, it's because she's a delivery system for media narratives that are detached from her own record. Politicians lie a lot, but Kamala doesn't simply lie, she mimics and echoes, when you listen to her, it's like putting your ear to a seashell. Her career provides ample evidence that she doesn't believe in anything. It's why she can play a tough-on-crime prosecutor one minute and a race-baiter the next. It's all parts with no substance behind them.

It's not so much that Kamala is lying, it's that she adapts, fitting in clumsily to any role, never being good at it, but going with the flow. If the flow appears to be for ending private health care, she's for it. Then when she realizes it's controversial, she's against it.

She can falsely claim that the Biden-Harris, or Harris-Biden, administration wouldn't raise taxes, even as it proposes to repeal tax cuts, and wouldn't ban fracking, despite repeatedly promising to ban fracking, without missing a beat because she is a human green room who pushes narratives, without treating them as real. 

Having gotten some briefing materials from her staff, she glances through them, absorbs the substance, and comes to "court" with them, without really understanding them or caring if they're true, or feeling bound by them. Words come out of her mouth, bypassing her brain which spends most of its time on the laborious process of trying to mimic human social behavior and appearing relatable to the denizens of this planet. Kamala lies all the time, but she has no idea she's lying.

This is exactly what happened when Kamala tried to claim that she wouldn't abolish private health care after committing to doing just that.

And back then she assumed that Democrat voters wouldn't notice. She was wrong. Her condescension and contempt may be her downfall yet again.


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