Keith Olbermann Thinks Trump Will Win

Alternative headline: Keith Olbermann keeps burning bridges that he already previously set on fire and somehow crossed over to burn down again.

It wasn't all that long ago that Olbermann had burned through MSNBC to Current TV to an angry YouTube vlog only conservatives were hatewatching.

“I am Keith Olbermann,” Keith Olbermann barks to the peasants and workers of GQ who are taking a break from reading an article on ‘$100 Cologne that Smells Like Nothing’, “This is the Resistance.”

Olbermann resurrected his unhinged MSNBC act (which later became his unhinged Current TV act) for GQ’s anti-Trump vlogging.  Then The Resistance host declared that Trump was defeated and managed to get back in at ESPN, which is still less degrading than squealing about Trump to 16,000 YouTube viewers.

Olbermann had hit peak crazy with his book, “Trump Is F*cking Crazy: (this Is Not a Joke) by Keith Olbermann. It didn't help that the cover featured a crazed Olbermann huddled in an American flag. 

It did not appear to have done well.

Keith Olbermann announced that Trump had been defeated so he was going to ESPN. This seemed like a good career move, if a not particularly plausible claim. But now he's back.

“They have now agreed with my desire to go and serve my country the best way I know how, which is by focusing my energy on political commentary,” he continued. “I’ll be doing a new, live daily commentary series with YouTube, focused on the presidential election called, ‘The Worst Person in the World.’”

The show will air live on Mr. Olbermann’s YouTube channel every weeknight at 5 p.m. ET.

“Please do NOT hold your screen close to your mask while watching, insomuch as flamethrowers are being used,” the show’s “About” page reads.

So it's back to YouTube vlogging. Not even an actual gig.

This wouldn't be much of a strategy if Olbermann didn't think there was a future in it. Since he went to ESPN, claiming that Trump had been defeated, he now presumably thinks Trump will win.


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