LA Health Officials Warn Armenians to Get Tested

Wouldn't this have been good advice for all the Black Lives Matter rioters?

One day after an estimated 100,000 people marched through Mid-City in support of Armenia and hundreds more gathered downtown to celebrate the Lakers' NBA Finals victory, Los Angeles County health officials urged attendees Monday to get tested for the coronavirus.

"If you were in a crowd with non-household members, especially if people weren't wearing face coverings and were shouting, chanting and/or singing, you may have been exposed to COVID-19 if an infected person was also there,'' according to the county statement. "People can pass the virus to others, even before they know they have it."

Anyone who was potentially exposed was urged to stay away from other people and monitor themselves for symptoms for the next 14 days.

"This is essential to prevent you from unintentionally spreading COVID-19 to other people," according to the county.

Oddly, LA health officials seemed less interested in providing this advice to Black Lives Matter rioters who have been rioting and protesting and rallying. 

But there's a pyramid of social justice virus spreaders.

Christians and Jews praying, also Trump supporters, are likeliest to pass the virus along. Armenian protesters and Lakers fans smashing stuff to celebrate their team are less likely to pass on the virus than the aforementioned, but more so than Black Lives Matter rioters who are incapable of spreading the virus because they are protected by the impermeable shield of social justice. Remember kids, the only immunity to viruses comes from a life lived hating America.


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