Left Can't Decide If It Wants Trump to Die of the Virus or If He's Lying About Being Sick

It really says something about the current state of politics and lefty social media influencers that the response to the President of the United States being diagnosed with the coronavirus is...

A. Hope he dies

B. Claim he's lying about it

Zara Rahim, Hillary's national spokeswoman, made headlines for tweeting, "I Hope He Dies". Meanwhile Michael Moore is claiming that President Trump's diagnosis is a conspiracy, while Linda Sarsour is suggesting that he's faking it to avoid further debates.

(Moore managed to briefly triangulate both A and B by tweeting, "He wants to use it as a prop. “See this China Flu? I BEAT IT! Just like I’ll beat Biden! They’re both a hoax!” My thoughts and prayers, too, are with Covid-19.")

But it's not just the fringe personalities. It's easy to find "journalists" with mainstream media credentials pushing conspiracy theories about the diagnosis.

The choice between conspiracy theories and outright hate is an obvious positive diagnosis for the Dem's Trump Derangement Syndrome. Some want him dead, others believe he's not really sick. It's a reality distortion field so intense that morality and sanity can't survive its pressure and emerge as diamonds of hate and conspiracy theories. And so Michael Moore can, at the same time, suggest that Trump isn't really sick, that he's sicker than we're told, that he put people's lives at risk, that it's a hoax, and that hopefully he dies from the virus that he doesn't have.

TDS isn't just hate. It's personal derangement. It isn't bounded by any mere fact or sense of reality, but by utter raving hatred.

The object of that hate can be seen as sick and not sick at the same time, because the facts don't matter, only the emotional validity of the hatred does.


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