A Lesson on Social Distancing and Masking From Cuomo and Sharpton

I've written about this before and used screenshots, but here's the video. Note the nearly complete lack of masks or social distancing. One of the participants wears a mask, but takes it off for the photo op. Cuomo gleefully hands out souvienier pens as if they were fines and tickets being meted out to synagogues.

In June, at the height of the BLM riots, Cuomo was photographed signing his anti-police bill, closely surrounded by Al Sharpton, and a number of activists and politicians, with no masks, and no trace of social distancing. Photos and video shows a scrum of photographers and attendees converging in a tight group to get the best shot of Cuomo and Sharpton at the event.

Nobody was enforcing regulations or masks at this indoor gathering by Governor Cuomo. And there were no lectures by the corrupt politician about his own disrespectful, ignorant behavior.

The essence of systemic racism isn’t different outcomes, a key tenet of the anti-racist movement, but different standards applied to different groups based on their identity.

Black nationalists and their allies have insisted on redefining racism as access to power. The Cuomo event and the Chassidic wedding crackdown speak volumes about racism and power.

And there's still no response to this. There can't be. The hypocrisy is obscenly blatant from a politician who has sanctimonously and falsely blamed Orthodox Jews for the virus. 


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