Media Now Resorting to Fake Fact Checks of Unrelated Hunter Biden Stories

Like all liars, the media is creative. That's about the best you can say for it. 

And this particular routine has been used by the media before. 

The media is blockading the actual Hunter Biden story despite confirmation that there was an FBI money laundering investigation of a presidential candidate's son.

A justice department official has confirmed to Sinclair Broadcast Group that the FBI opened up a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates back in 2019, focused on allegations of money-laundering and that the probe remains active.

The FBI subpoena of the laptop had been previously available. And no, despite false media claims, the investigation was not about Russian election interference.

What's the media to do?

1. Refuse to cover the story except through the usual "disinformation" and "desperate Republicans pounce" lenses.

2. Fact check unrelated internet rumors no one had heard of to make it seem that all the Hunter Biden stuff is fake.

This last one is creative, but the media has used this strategy before to cast doubt on a story. And so we've got the media getting into gear and fact checking urgent breaking news like...

Fact check: False rumors that Hunter Biden is dead are a 4chan hoax - USA Today

Isn't it great that one of the country's major newspaper chains took the time to produce this vital fact check to show that Hunter Biden isn't dead.  USA Today won't meaningfully cover the Hunter Biden laptop, but it will tell us that 4chan engages in hoaxes and Hunter Biden isn't dead.

Don't worry folks, you can disregard all the Hunter Biden stuff.

NBC News then rolled out an investigation claiming that some dossier about Hunter Biden that nobody had ever heard of was fake. Meanwhile the actual investigation of verified claims, including the emails, is a no-go.

The media doesn't just lie and suppress directly using fact checking, it also does so indirectly.


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