Media Won't Cover Hunter Biden's Laptop, Will Cover Mispronunciation of Kamala's Name

That whole "misinformation" problem is a huge threat. Also look, a squirrel!

Thankfully, the same media that refuses to cover Hunter Biden's laptop except in terms of describing it, without any evidence, as a Russian disinformation operation, will happily devote all the time in the world to Senator Purdue mispronouncing Kamala Harris' name.

It's certainly a good thing that we have a media that understands that what's really important in an election isn't a financial scandal involving one of the top presidential candidates, but accusing a Republican senator of racism for mispronouncing Kamala's name.

The media keeps claiming that the nation needs them to sift disinformation from the real stories that impact our "democracy".

After claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop story is disinformation (arguably itself disinformation), the media then focuses on a real story about how mispronouncing Kamala Harris' name is racist.

But I suppose that's all the media had to throw into the breach until it deploys another story based on anonymous sources claiming that President Trump made a comment that he never said, or that he was secretly working for the Russians.

And that story, unlike the Hunter Biden one, won't be censored or interfered with in any way.

Meanwhile though, enjoy the spectacle of the media refusing to cover a major Biden scandal, while loudly covering the pronunciation of Kamala's name.


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