NBC Offered President Trump a "Town Hall" Meeting and the Industry Went Mad

Trump Derangement Syndrome is the new normal. It's so unremarkable among the ruling class that tantrums like calling for Chuck Todd's firing because NBC will be airing a town hall with President Trump are seen as entirely normal forms of conduct.

It's normal to call for the heads of journalists because a network will air a town hall with the President of the United States.

Now the town hall will, inevitably, be another biased forum in which Democrat NBC staffers will pass off questions from Democrat activists as representative of the American people. And these events are likely a terrible idea. But the howls of rage from the entertainment industry, with 100 producers, actors, and assorted industry people signing a letter to pressure NBC over the town hall, are not just an attack on Trump, but against the very idea of engaging with people they disagree with.

And that says everything about the real state of the Democrats that the party is hiding behind the faded husk of Biden.


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