The New York Times' Anonymous Senior Official Was a Nobody

The general rule of thumb in the publishing business is that anonymous is nobody. Genuinely high-level people may leak, but they don't posture as "Anonymous."

When they actually come forward, they do so publicly. Because they've calculated the career impact. 

The last major Anonymous, as in the author of a thinly fictionalized novel about the Clinton campaign 1.0, turned out to be a media hack who wanted to avoid negative attention for tweaking a Democrat, not anyone deep in Clintonworld.

The "Anonymous" title certainly helped sell books.

To no one's surprise, the current "Anonymous" turned out to be Miles Taylor. Who? Exactly.

The senior administration official touted by the New York Times, who got an anonymous book deal, was just another staffer. One who went public and has been bashing President Trump for months via the media.

Now remember the media kept pushing the idea that Anonymous was VP Pence or Secretary of State Pompeo. They did this to troll and create friction within the Trump administration. 

And now that Miles Taylor expects Biden to win (he recorded a video for him), he's made his identity public to profit from this shtick, and exposed yet another media scam.

Taylor had denied to CNN that he was Anonymous, only to now admit it, and if the news network had any standards... you know what, never mind. There's no point in even finishing that sentence.

Few Republicans ever took this seriously. And the end of this routine is another reminder that the media, especially the New York Times and the Washington Post, have become machines for launching false, dishonest, and even more deeply dishonest attacks on Republicans.

And, oh yes, Taylor, who's being presented as a Republican, who recorded a video for Biden claiming to be a Republican, is an Obama donor.

The media does two things.

1. It lies

2. It lies a lot


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