New York Times Blames Coronavirus for Criminals Committing Crimes

Is the huge upsurge in violent crime due to...

A. "Criminal justice reform" measures like ending bail which puts criminals right back on the street, mass release of criminals from prison to protect them from the pandemic, Black Lives Matter riots, and the fear of police officers to arrest criminals

B. Coronavirus

Since the former cuts across its ideology and political allegiances, the New York Times unleashes, "Covid Blamed for Rise in Murders Across U.S." 

This is so laughable that it's not even worth quoting, linking, or fisking. And yet the Times is just pulling together the strands of the various excuses that Democrat leaders have made to explain why crime is rising. The summary is that it's due to the "stresses of the pandemic". Like Global Warming, the coronavirus is being used to explain and justify everything as a sociopolitical first cause.

Are murderers killing people? Blame the virus or the warming. Don't blame them. Or their enablers. 


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