Now They Want to Ban Police Dogs

Police defunding isn't going anywhere. Time to pick a more vulnerable target. Dogs.

In a news release Wednesday, Ald. Khalif Rainey proposed a resolution urging the Fire and Police Commission to forbid the use of canines by the Police Department as a use of force.

"The use of police dogs has a much darker history than is typically realized by people who have only seen the dogs as a wagging tail and friendly face,” Rainey said in his news release.  

He cited the history of dogs being used in Nazi Germany and against Black protesters during the Civil Rights era.  

“These practices from decades ago are still sadly in place today," he wrote.  

Nazi Germany is still in place?

The Nazis and Southern segregationists also had uniforms and guns. That means everyone who has a gun and wears a uniform is just like them.

Mind you, this is the same pol who called for turning off water and power to "non-essential" businesses that don't close down.

"As a city we need to do everything we can and use every tool at our disposal to stop the spread of the virus, and I believe shutting off the lights and the water to scofflaw businesses is one key option Milwaukee must pursue," he added.

As usual, Khalif is fine with abuses of power that go his way.

Rainey told Brunson he did not mean to “insult you or the Milwaukee Police Department” but stood by his call to end what he called "the barbaric tactic of deploying a dog that’s akin to a wolf on our residents,” 

Akin to a wolf? 

If Khalif were ever attacked by a wolf, he'd have no trouble telling the difference. And more yet from this genius.

Rainey asked Brunson who would be liable if a resident was bitten by a canine — the dog or its handler? Brunson said the city would be liable. 

The question is, who's liable for Khalif?


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