NY Admits Cuomo Has Been Making Up the Coronavirus "Red Zones"

Follow the science.

Governor Cuomo, the media, and his supporters have claimed that his false accusation that the segregation of particular areas as hot zones, some appearing to target Orthodox Jews, was based on the work of health experts and statistics.

But discovery is a wonderful thing. Even when judges refuse to do the right thing, the process provides invaluable insights into a deeply corrupt system.

The Brooklyn Catholic Diocese sued Cuomo and produced some incredible admissions, via OJPAC.

"NYGovCuomo’s Howard Zucker admits in a brief in the Brooklyn Catholic Diocese case that “there is no specific percentage threshold to determine when an area should be designated as an orange or yellow zone.” Basically, Cuomo is making up rules and maps based on mood," OJPAC tweeted.

Zucker is the Health Commissioner for New York.

OJPAC also noted that, "A Senior Department of Health Director revealed yesterday in court that Hot Zone maps are made in NYGovCuomo’s office."

Specifically, the decision as to which zones get labeled which color came out of Cuomo's office. These were political decisions, not medical ones.


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