The Philly BLM Riots are Political Terror and They're an Election Strategy

30 police officers injured, neighborhoods looted and wrecked, mobs roaming the streets while law enforcement and guardsmen retreat.

It may be hard to remember now as our country exists in a perpetual state of ADD, but race riots had largely become extinct before Barack Obama. And riots on this scale dated back to the 70s. Nothing in the 90s, not even the LA riots, came close to the sheer scale of Black Lives Matter nationwide terror in 2020.

Obama and his people revived the race riot by backing BLM. The Left funded the rise of the racist movement and deployed it in election years. Track the large riots and you'll find that they align with election years, 2014, 2016, and now. 

That's not a coincidence.

The riots are meant to up political engagement for its base and terrorize its victims. Give us what we want or we'll come for you. 

As they unroll in a swing state where too much of the population still supports life and liberty, against socialism and racism, they make the stakes abundantly clear. 

The Democrats have terrorized America with 6 years of riots. And the media has backed the rioters every step of the way. Michelle Obama unrolled an election video for Biden defending the rioters. Not a single leading Democrat will condemn the movement behind the riots.

Meanwhile Black Lives Matter's founders have been clear about their view on riots.

Speaking at a Penn State virtual event, Cullors described rioters as "expressing righteous rage" and suggested that society needs to avoid situations where "people feel like they have to be so desperate that they disrupt people’s businesses.”

“I just don’t equate the loss of life and the loss of property,” Alicia Garza, another BLM co-founder, replied, when asked about the violence. “We want to value our love of people over property.”

When the National Guard was sent to Baltimore, Garza complained that the soldiers were “standing between Black people and access to resources, they are protecting property”.

"I’ll be really honest: I’m not really concerned about broken glass," Opal Tometi, the third BLM co-founder, argued. 

This is the movement of race riots that the Democrats have embraced. Philly is an election strategy. Political terror is an election strategy for a radical party of terror.