Right Before an Election is a Bad Time for a Riot in a Swing State

On the one hand, Black Lives Matter riots have been calibrated for election years. And the 2020 BLM riots were obviously intended to boost turnout. But after Kenosha, the riots backfired badly.

When the polling showed that the voters Biden needed, white suburbanites, were beginning to turn against BLM and the riots, the pause button seemed like it was hit.

And now we're back in full play mode with riots in Philly. 

What's the calculation of having race riots in a swing state?

1. The Democrats are betting that the outrage over Kenosha is faded and they're worried about some poll numbers showing a wedge of young black male support for President Trump. If so, this is an incredibly stupid gamble. 

2. Despite all the financial strings to BLM, portions of the hate group were never properly under control, and starting riots is easier than stopping them. Once there was the right pretext, e.g. police shooting a knife-wielding man, the rest couldn't be stopped. 

Now there are full-fledged riots, complete with a police officer run over by a truck, police cruisers set on fire, and stores being looted.

Right before an election is a bad time for riots in a swing state. Bad for Biden at least. But a good reminder of what the Democrats have done in 2020 by backing BLM.


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