Treating the Steele Dossier as Verified, and Hunter Biden's Laptop as Unverified

The media and incidentally social media had no problem running opposition research from the Hillary campaign, falsely claiming that Trump was a Russian agent and including bizarre claims about urinating prostitutes, for years. 

That was deemed "verified". Or, even if it wasn't verified, then "raw intelligence" that the public should absolutely be exposed to.

Meanwhile the contents of Hunter Biden's laptops are treated as unverified material and probably a Russian disinformation campaign. Never mind that, aside from everything else, the Steele Report also turned out to be the product of Russian disinformation.

The media and social media have set up an iron curtain when it comes to the Hunter Biden materials. The only stories about it they'll allow are those that attack it, while avoiding discussing its contents in any depth beyond restatements that they then claim have been disproven.

The media has focused on casting aspersions on the provenance of the laptop. And yet the same media not only never investigated the origins of the Steele Report, but attacked any effort to do so, even when it was finally shown that it originated with the Clinton campaign.

The media has zero credibility when pretending that it's blocking the Hunter Biden story because it cares about facts and evidence. It doesn't and never did. And while there's no way to know what further investigations of the laptop story and its provenance will turn up, it's a whole lot more tangible than the Steele Report and its false claims that Trump was a Russian agent that the media had spent years advancing as if it were a credible claim rather than garbage with zero evidence behind it.

Literally, zero.


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