Washington Post Calls BLM Riots, "Mostly Peaceful", Chassidic Mask Burning Protest "Violent"

Mayor Bill de Blasio finally found a minority group protest he could go all "law and order" on.

And the Washington Post, like much of the media, finally discovered a "violent" protest.

Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jews burn masks in violent protests as New York cracks down on rising cases - Washington Post

Black Lives Matter riots that wrecked entire neighborhoods were mostly peaceful. But burning masks is a form of violence. Don't you know.

Huge, peaceful protests mark anti-racism demonstrations - Washington Post

No blatantly obscene racist bias to see here by the anti-racist paper. It's not enough to be anti-racist though. You also have to stop lying.

The media is obviously following the same line, agonizing over an assault, that appears to have been a manufactured rumor by a media figure, while dismissing Cuomo and De Blasio's racial discrimination.