Biden COVID Adviser Wants Fed Gov National Alert System to Direct Local Lockdowns

The good news: this is not the Biden COVID advisers who thinks life over 75 isn't worth living.

The bad news: this is Vivek Murthy, Obama's surgeon general and the founder of Doctors for Obama who falsely claimed guns were a public health crisis. And he's got the expected federal lockdown pitch.

Different parts of the country are dealing with the pandemic in their own ways, and that lack of uniformity in restrictions isn't helpful, the former surgeon general said.

For instance, "We don't have a uniform national alert system that tells communities at what level to start implementing restrictions based on important indicators," Murthy said.

In other words, they declare a Code Orange or a Code Red in a local area. And for all the "telling" and "pleading" language, compliance would be backed by cutoffs of coronavirus and other aid.

Any locale that doesn't lock down will lose funding. 

The Trump administration deliberately avoided this kind of centralized control and a national alert system. The Democrats love the idea of central control. Not only is that a key socialist tenet, but there's lots of ways to make money by picking winners and losers, shutting down one area or one industry at the expense of another.

Lots of ways to punish conservatives and reward their own donors.

It'll be the "recovery" scam writ large with even more power behind it.


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