Biden: Trump Must Concede or People Will Die

"More people may die if we don't coordinate," Biden falsely claimed in front of a backdrop of his imaginary Office of the President Elect.

Specifically, Biden is demanding access to the Trump administration's vaccine distribution plan.

That's odd coming from the guy who had been talking down a vaccine developed under the Trump administration. Suddenly the vaccine has gone from a bad idea to such a good idea that unless there's coordination, more people may die.

Biden's second, Kamala Harris, had said that she wouldn't take a vaccine from the Trump administration.

But now, "more people may die".

Of course Biden's own pandemic was, aside from the mask stuff, plagiarized from the Trump administration. And if he doesn't have anything more to offer, then why demand access to the plans? And if he has original plans, then there's not much point in coordinating.

So this is a power move. Like everything else.