Black Lives Matter Leader Killed in Carjacking

If only there had been a police officer there to save him. But Black Lives Matter had spent 2020 howling that police officers were racist slave-catching agents of a colonial state who needed to be abolished. Crime skyrocketed and BLM's racist organizers aren't immune from the consequences of their policies.

A young protest leader known for his energy and optimism amid Louisville's movement for racial justice became a new symbol of gun violence when he was shot and killed early Monday.

"Gun violence" is actually crime. Guns don't decide to carjack a car and then shoot someone. Criminals do. Unless cops are there to stop them.

Hamza "Travis" Nagdy, 21, has been identified as the victim of a shooting just before 12:30 a.m. EST on Crittenden Drive in Louisville, according to social media posts by several family members, including his mother and stepmother. Nagdy was a regular at Jefferson Square Park, where protesters have gathered to demand justice for Breonna Taylor since late May.

Breonna Taylor was killed when her drug dealer boyfriend opened fire on police. 

"He's irreplaceable," Taylor said. "Travis really believed he could help change systemic racism. He believed he could be a big part of that change.

"What I'm hoping is he will become a symbol of the violence that's going on, and people will finally give it the attention that we need to be giving to this record number of homicides in our city. ...We're just hoping that he will become a symbol of what great lives we are going to lose if we don't wrap a movement around what's going on."

Seriously, is this a joke? There is a movement. It's called fighting crime. That's the movement that BLM was set up to dismantle. These are the consequences.

Nagdy's death marks 145 criminal homicides the department has responded to this year, shattering the city's record of 117 homicides in 2016. There have also been 541 nonfatal shootings as of Sunday.

Like every place else, crime is spiking because Black Lives Matter and Democrat support for it did its job.

One of his favorite lines: "Today is not my day to die."

Now other activists are rallying to "demand justice". That's another way of saying that they hope that the police and law enforcement system they tried to dismantle does its job and arrests the killer. 

And, somehow, I suspect that they're not going to settle for "restorative justice" and an apology.


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