Bright Media Idea: Turn Thanksgiving Into Bidensgiving

Cults gotta cult.

And the new lefty cult that controls the political elites has no use for America's past heritage. And so we've seen media calls to cancel Thanksgiving, notably in The Atlantic, funded by Steve Jobs' widow, and this column, originally from the LA Times, which proposes relocating "an inconvenient and annoying holiday".

 And replace Thanksgiving with Bidensgiving.

 So what should the new date be?

For several sound reasons, I propose Thursday, April 29.

That date would mark the the first milestone of the Biden administration. This gives Biden and the country more than three months to crush the virus through concerted action. A mask mandate and a program of moral suasion aimed at social distancing will be more palatable for the mass of Americans if a new Thanksgiving beckons at the end of the ordeal.


Considering no one really seems to believe or follow orders anyway, what are the odds that things will be any better after over a year of this stuff? Or that anyone will be interested in Bidensgiving?

And what does, "cancel Thanksgiving" even mean?

Like the proposals to cancel Christmas, this is a statist proposal that fundamentally misunderstands the role of tradition and religion in people's lives. Simply declaring, belatedly, that the date has been moved by the decrees of King Newsom, King Cuomo, Queen Whitmer, et al, would accomplish all of nothing. Trying to force companies not to give workers time off would be a more compelling strategy if lockdowns hadn't closed so many schools and businesses anyway.

All that's left is trying to stop airlines from flying and putting up The Stand style military roadblocks on the highways.

Truly something to be thankful for.