Cincinnati Left-Wing Mayoral Candidate Linked to Biden Arrested for Corruption

(Photo via Sittenfeld Facebook page.)

Another day, another Democrat.

FBI agents arrested a Democrat serving on Cincinnati's city council Thursday for accepting bribes in exchange for votes, marking the third arrest on the council this year.

City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld faces federal corruption charges, and federal attorneys said more charges stemming from bribery relating to development projects are coming.

 “I can deliver the votes," Sittenfled had reportedly boasted.

Sittenfeld was a favored mayoral candidate, running on affordable housing, gun control, and the environment. Not to mention Black Lives Matter. His arrest, inevitably involved a PAC and developers, a common source of Democrat corruption.

He boasted of having been invited twice to the Obama White House, and in his failed Senate bid, he was backed by some Obama and Biden people.

* Bill Burton, former deputy press secretary for Obama. Burton co-founded Priorities USA Action, which the Center for Responsive Politics describes as a super PAC intended to be a counterpoint to deep-pocket Republican PACs.

* Mike McCurry, press secretary to Clinton and now a communications strategist.

* Tad Devine, a top adviser to the presidential campaigns of Al Gore and John Kerry. More recently, Devine has been a consultant to U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent who has considered running for president -- likely an extreme long shot if Clinton runs, as expected. Devine's fund-raising help to Sittenfeld should not come as a surprise, though, since his firm is also advising Sittenfeld's campaign.

Sittenfield was recently celebrating.

Joy... Relief... Hope... Determination... What are you feeling right now?

What a wonderful, momentous outcome!

It would have been so easy for Joe Biden to have *not* run; and it would have been so easy for Kamala Harris to say, "Making history sounds hard."

Instead, they both stepped up and stepped into the most consequential election of our lifetime... they ran the race.. and they won.

It's been a long, dark, difficult 4 years.

To everyone who channeled this challenging chapter - and their own fears and despondence - into action and activism and votes, THANK YOU.

This is your moment and your victory as much as anyone's.

Probably not what he's feeling now.


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