The Democrat Civil War Is In Full Swing

The party claiming victory usually celebrates. Instead the Democrats are forming circular firing squads. (Unfortunately so are Republicans, but that's a whole other story.)

The first shots were fired by establishment Democrats who blamed the Sandernistas, AOC, and the Squad for losing Florida, and House seats in more conservative parts of red states that they thought were going to be theirs now.

The Sandernistas responded by booting Senator Dianne Feinstein off the Senate Judiciary Committee after she hugged Senator Lindsay Graham.

Now they're fuming as Team Biden rolls out a roster of establishment appointments while leaving their people out in the cold. The prospects for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren are not good. 

Then there's the sidebar civil war on the Left between the wokes and old school socialists over identity politics vs straight class warfare. That's a side that Bernie might have aligned with, but he jettisoned all his old views about identity politics and hooked up with AOC and Rep. Ilhan Omar who are all identity politics. 

These divisions aren't getting any better.

The woke Left feels it won the culture war, but isn't getting the party respect it deserves. Democrats blame the woke Left for being a bunch of violent narcissistic brats who alienated voters and spread around a lot of rhetoric without having a plan. The old school Left is indicting the woke Left for serving as corporate mascots while ignoring overall inequality and pandering to the same establishment that it claims to be fighting. None of this is how a movement that claims to have won acts.

This is how a movement of losers behaves.