The Election, the Lockdowns and the Two Americas

We already know that President Trump performed better with Latinos in Texas because of his position against the lockdowns. Now here's a larger snapshot of the two Americas in the lockdown age.

The Americans who have jobs and those who don't.

An NBC News analysis of unemployment and voting data found that the president’s share of the vote held steady or increased in each of the 20 counties with the highest rise in unemployment from September 2019 to September 2020. And his vote share improved by 1 percentage point or more in 70 of the 100 hardest-hit counties.

The data shows the trend was apparent nationwide, from Latino communities in southern Texas and Florida, to counties in California, Connecticut and even Hawaii, where the unemployment rate reached nearly 24 percent...

A bad economy typically hurts an incumbent’s party.

NBC, like most of the media, conveniently ignores the elephant in the room.

The economy was strong until the lockdowns crushed it. Those Americans who couldn't work from home, who couldn't just binge on Netflix, knew whom to blame. And President Trump's message appealed to them.

Democrats had hoped to win over those voters who were hurting financially; in speeches, Biden referred to workers who suffered because of the way he said Trump mismanaged the pandemic.

Except this had nothing to do with management of the pandemic, but the Democrat embrace of lockdowns.

NBC News goes through the whole article without ever addressing why those people would really have voted for President Trump and what was the real cause of their economic problems. But that's typical of the two Americas, and a ruling class that is unaware and uninterested in how the other half lives.