Even If Biden Makes It To The White House, Obama Will Call the Shots

I don't know if this counts as tragic irony or poetic justice, but Biden's destiny is to remain a flunky. That would have been aggravating to the egomaniac he once was, but that Biden has mostly left the building a while back and is a faint shell of the man he used to be.

So even if he makes to the White House, he's going to be number two for Obama's third term.

“The Obama staffers are now cutting out the people who got Biden elected,” said a senior Biden official channeling the feelings of the old guard of the Biden campaign, who requested anonymity for the obvious reason. “None of these people found the courage to help the VP when he was running and now they are elevating their friends over the Biden people. It’s f----- up.”

But just below that elite level there is concern bordering on panic — depending on who you talk to — about the perceived lack of outreach to many campaign alumni. “There’s real doubt about whether they will be taken care of,” said the Biden adviser.

Why would they be?

1. There was no Biden campaign. Instead there was a motley placeholder crew who ran a terrible campaign until their candidate was hauled over the top by the loyalty of black voters and the DNC deciding that all the non-Bernie candidates should drop out and endorse Biden. 

The Biden campaign was inept before and after the primaries. It was the beneficiary of election rigging and extensive outside assistance. 

Why should the guys out front get jobs when their work was worthless and meaningless?

2. The Obama people have an organization and a plan. There's no way Biden is going to be running anything anyway. And no Dem operatives who haven't been with him forever are going to bother tethering their careers to a faded old hack. 

The Obama team is going to be running things. And that Obama is going to be running things.


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