Media Unveils Bold New Plan to Win Latino Support by Calling Them Racist

The ruling class knows only two ways to communicate with its subjects. (Three ways if you count omnipotent claims to be speaking on behalf of science and truth.)

1. Call them racist 

2. Tell them they're the victims of racism

Since President Trump boosted his Latino support in 2020 and Republicans actually flipped House seats with Latino support, the media has decided to embark on a bold new way to enlist Latino support... by accusing them of racism. For now, it's doing so in a semi-sympathetic "you poor ignorant, dears" way that it used to talk about the white working class in the sixties.

But this strategy doesn't exactly bode well.

Here's Politico on Latinos and the culture war.

"Parra, who dislikes the “defund” slogan but not its goal of stopping police violence, said Trump’s improved standing with Latinos amid the protests reflects a little-discussed problem in Hispanic communities: anti-Blackness. That’s an opinion held by other Latino commentators as well Black Lives Matter demonstrators."

2 out of 3 racists agree. Opposing us is racist.

"Anti-Blackness" by the way is the Orwellian term that replaced "racism"  because it can inconveniently be used to refer to black nationalists. While anti-blackness doesn't even really refer to racism, but any opposition to black nationalist racism.

Also, Latinos who vote Republican are officially "white Hispanics".

In Texas’ majority-Hispanic Rio Grande Valley and along the Texas border, where Trump did well for a Republican, progressive organizer Ofelia Alonso pointed out that "Latino" is a broad and imprecise catchall term for members of an ethnic group in which people identify as Black, white, indigenous, Asian, Middle Eastern or mixed race.

“A lot of people who voted for Trump, while they’re Latino, they’re also white,” she said, pointing to the city of Harlingen as a Trump-supporting “white city with money,” 

The strategy here is to stop treating Latinos as a bloc and to start microorganizing and racializing different portions of the demo, while attacking others.

Here's more from ABC News.

The most overarching and effective disinformation narrative, according to Jaime Longoria, an investigative researcher with First Draft News, was an effort to play on what he called an "anti-Blackness" tactic -- a part of the push of disinformation to Latino voters, particularly in Florida.

Longoria said videos of confrontations shared on WhatsApp and Facebook pushed the notion that Black people were "harassing" Latinos under the guise of activism. He said much of this content played to prejudices. 

Black Lives Matter racists harassing people... plays to prejudices.

So the current plan is to accuse any Latinos who might be persuadable by Republicans of racism and white privilege, and putting them down on the low end of the victimhood totem pole?

Sounds like a great plan for recruiting more Republican voters.