The More People Vote in Person, the Harder it is to Steal Elections

An obvious truth, but never truer than this year.

The level of ballot fraud that we're seeing in 2020 would have been inconceivable if the pandemic hadn't provided Democrats with an excuse for governors unilaterally ordering that mail-in ballots be sent to everyone, the living and the dead, under all three names.

As it is, the newfound ballots are competing with massive Republican turnout to produce ridiculous statewide turnout rates in the high 80s and low 90s that are implausible outside Soviet elections.

Once enough people have voted in person, adding more ballots creates implausible turnout numbers until in some areas you end up with over 100% turnout. We've seen those types of numbers before from Democrat strongholds, particularly in 2012, (in 2016, Republicans felt much less of a need to litigate the election), but the mass mail voting is making for truly unbelievable turnout numbers. These numbers require any objective observer to believe that Biden enthusiasm triggered a bigger Democrat turnout than Barack Obama.

The implausible meter here is tilting the needle far into the red zone.

Fraud, of any kind, works best when you don't notice it. The more obvious the fraud, the easier it is to catch and remedy, or for its presence to discredit the system.

The Democrats went for broke in the political machines they control. And they're still going for broke, determined to keep on finding ballots until they can hijack the Senate. 

All of this provides plenty of material for challenges. Whether those challenges will succeed is open to question, but the more blatant the fraud, the harder it is to defend. 

The Democrats needed a blue wave. They tried to create one with fake polls and by suppressing voter turnout. Finally they got no wave, but have to settle for last minute voter fraud that's becoming more blatant every day. And either way the end result of this process will deny them any legitimacy except through their media megaphones.


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