New York Times: In Asia, Pro-Democracy Forces Fear Biden Rules

Now they tell us.

"‘Trump Is Better’: In Asia, Pro-Democracy Forces Worry About Biden," is the actual New York Times headline. At least until the paper's woke roach infestation mobilizes on Slack, coordinates a hate campaign with Taylor and the rest, and gets whoever wrote it fired.

"Pro-democracy campaigners from Hong Kong are championing President Trump’s claims of an electoral victory. Human rights activists and religious leaders in Vietnam and Myanmar are expressing reservations about President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s ability to keep authoritarians in check."

Now why would they be doing that? Doesn't everyone remember the glory days of global human rights under Obama?

As President-elect Biden now assembles his foreign-policy team, prominent human rights activists across Asia are worried about his desire for the United States to hew again to international norms. They believe that Mr. Biden, like former President Barack Obama, will pursue accommodation rather than confrontation in the face of China’s assertive moves.

Again, one wonders why they would think that. Maybe they haven't had their memories erased by the media like your average New York Times reader.

Hewing to international norms is a copout for appeasement. 

Earlier this month, Lobsang Sangay became the first head of the Tibetan government-in-exile to visit the White House; the provocative invite infuriated Beijing, which considers Mr. Sangay to be a separatist. In June, Mr. Pompeo met with the Hong Kong democracy leader Joshua Wong and President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan, both of whom are loathed by the Chinese government.

Would any Democrat do this? We already know the answer.

By the time Tianamen Square happened, America was so addicted to Chinese junk that Bush I didn't want to upset the boat. President Trump is willing to do things like this because he wants America to get off its Made in China fix. It's unlikely that any other elected official, who spends all his time listening to spin about trade, would go there.

Because this isn't about human rights. It's about the world order.

“For Biden’s policies toward China, the part about making China play by the international rules, I think, is very hollow,” said Wang Dan, who helped lead the 1989 Tiananmen protests as a university student. “As we know, the Chinese Communist Party hardly abides by international rules.”

“The United States must realize that there will be no improvements on human rights issues in China if there is no regime change,” Mr. Wang added. He has continued to question Mr. Trump’s electoral loss, baseless claims shared by other prominent Chinese-born dissidents.

And political dissidents are also more prone to question conventional wisdom and media narratives.

One of the most influential voices spreading false narratives about Mr. Biden and the election on Twitter is Ai Weiwei, the Chinese contemporary artist who now lives in overseas exile.

In an interview, Mr. Ai said that he was not a fan of Mr. Trump. For his art, he has posed at Trump properties with his middle finger raised. But Mr. Ai said that by shutting off debate on his social media feed, he would be no different than an authoritarian government like China’s.

“All over Asia, all over the world, people don’t have the right to speak,” he said. “In America, left or right, you have personal freedoms. This has to be protected.”

That sad moment where a Chinese anti-Trump dissident understands freedom and free speech better than the "liberal" media.