Not Just Biden: Newscasts Refuse to Cover Newsom Party Scandal

(photo via FOX 11)

It's not just Hunter Biden.

The media's red button is pushed. Stories about Democrat scandals may get some limited digital coverage, but expect newscasts to stonewall and block the story.

When Governor Newsom was caught, maskless, at a party for his lobbyist pal, with a dozen people in attendance, including the CEO of the California Medical Association, it was a big story.

Newsom has apologized and more damning details have been trickling out.

Not that anyone who still watches the evening news would have heard about it.

 Despite the growing controversy and the backlash he has received, ABC, CBS, and NBC gave the story zero coverage over the course of several days since the incident emerged during both their morning and evening broadcasts. 

Both CNN and MSNBC offered minimal coverage to Newsom's optics fiasco. CNN made brief mentions of it on Saturday and the only mentions that were made during the week were on Wednesday when CNN political analyst John Avlon quickly referred to it in his "Reality Check" segment and then later in the day when CNN anchor Jake Tapper and chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta spent roughly a minute knocking the governor for being a "poor example."

That's been the pattern with previous coronavirus scandals involving Democrat governors. 

There's zero or next to zero coverage of anything that's politically inconvenient. It's not just about Biden or the 2020 election. It's the consequence of a media which has an electoral and a political strategy. 

And puts it first.


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