Obama: My Racist Mentor's "God Damn America" Taken Out of Context

During the 2008 election, it was an uphill battle getting Barack Hussein Obama to disavow his racist mentor, Jeremiah Wright.

After giving a speech defending Wright, and falsely accusing America and his grandmother of racism, he was finally forced to condemn him in a very narrow sort of way, falsely stating, "I reject outright the statements by Reverend Wright that are at issue."

The political elites, including the media, backing Obama heaved a huge sigh of relief and pretended that it was over.

Wright went on to closely embrace Farrakhan, he had been a former Black Muslim, and spew hate. But the Wright issue resurfaced again as Warnock, the Democrat Senate nominee in Georgia, had been out there defending Wright.

Michelle Obama, in her latest memoir, appeared to distance herself from Wright.

"This wasn’t helped by the fact that ABC News had combed through twenty-nine hours of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, splicing together a jarring highlight reel that showed the preacher careening through callous and inappropriate fits of rage and resentment at white America, as if white people were to blame for every woe. Barack and I were dismayed to see this, a reflection of the worst and most paranoid parts of the man who’d married us and baptized our children" her memoir states.

"Seeing an extreme version of his vitriol broadcast in the news, though, we were appalled. The whole affair was a reminder of how our country’s distortions about race could be two-sided — that the suspicion and stereotyping ran both ways."

The startling thing here is the admission that racism is two-sided, now an almost unacceptable statement, and that Wright was a bigot.

In his latest memoir, that unlike all his previous ones at least has some basis for existence, Obama writes about Wright in a more nuanced fashion.

Obama claims that he “knew all too well the occasional spasms of anger within the Black community — my community — that Reverend Wright was channeling. I did know how differently Black and white folks still viewed issues of race in America, regardless of how much else they had in common. For me to believe I could bridge those worlds had been pure hubris, that same hubris that had led me to assume that I could dip in and out of a complex institution like Trinity, headed by a complex man like Reverend Wright and select, as if off a menu, only those things that I liked.”

All of this is basically fancy footwork that dances around the fundamental issue without claiming any responsibility for anything while claiming to have learned some life lessons.

In other words, it's vintage Obama.

But whoever wrote this stuff for Barry and Michelle forgot to give them the memo, because Obama went on The Breakfast Club and nuked everything.

"It's an interesting thing ... Rev. Wright is an example of somebody who – supremely gifted preacher, Trinity United Church of Christ obviously outside Chicago had an amazing ministry, still does. And I was very close to a lot of people in that congregation as well as Rev. Wright," Obama said. 

"In national politics, if you can take out a bunch of sound bites that say 'God damn America,' even if the context of it is prophetic and biblical and he's trying to describe you know how somebody might feel – he wasn't promoting the notion that God was damning America," Obama said. "He was making a point that if you looked at slavery and discrimination you could see the conclusion of people feeling that there was not an alignment with Christian values and America. But if you see a two-minute sound bite, trying to explain that is too complicated."

So Obama is back to the nonsensical "out of context" defense for a vile racist that he was using in 2008.

Just to recap, aside from screaming "God Damn America" and claiming that the country deserved 9/11, and that America is entirely racist, Obama's mentor was a bizarre library of hate.

"The Italians, for the most part, looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans," he wrote.

Wright referred to Italians as “Mamma Luigi” and “pizzeria.”

He claimed that Obama had distanced himself from him because, “Them Jews ain’t going to let him talk to me".

So this is what Obama is still defending.


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