Our Elections Are So Reliable that 3,000 Ballots Couldn't Possibly Go Uncounted

Incompetence? Enemy action? Is there even a difference anymore? 

With members of both the local Democratic and Republican parties observing hand counting of presidential votes in Floyd County it appears that close to 3,000 ballots were not counted on election night.

According to Board of Elections Chairman Tom Rees, “the hand count added 2,631 more votes than were registered by computers.”  That number was released on Monday after nearly 20 hours of hand counting over the weekend.

It appears that the votes did not come from day of voting or absentee, but rather early voting.

According to Luke Martin, Floyd County GOP chairman, “It is scary that this happened in Floyd County.  Imagine what the numbers could look like in places like Fulton County.”  Martin added, “It appears that our elections office did not misplace any ballots, rather it appears as if this is a computer software mishap with the Dominion system.”

Good thing that nothing can go wrong with Dominion and that this election is so well executed that there's no way that 3,000 ballots could go uncounted.

Except you know, when that happens.

Of course we're told that this is just one of those entirely improbable things that happened once and could never happen again. But everyone's taking it seriously.

It will be corrected, but this is unacceptable,” Floyd County Commission Chair Scotty Hancock said Monday.

Hancock said elections officials are working with Dominion Voting Systems to determine where the breakdown occurred. They’re waiting for the company to find out who was logged into the computer at the time.

“It was either their rep or our rep. And when we find out who was responsible, we will take action,” he said.

I'm sure.

But mention that there might be a larger problem here and a disputed tag will quickly show up.

Thousands of ballots not being counted isn't just a hiccup. It's thousands of voters being silenced. And those voters are conveniently mostly Trump voters. You would think that the same media apparatchiks lecturing on institutional trust might want to restore trust in our elections. Instead they're silencing and dismissing any questions.