The Polls Lied, the Election Theft Begins Now

The election fraud is the crime and the polls are the cover-up.

Think of them that way in reverse chronological order.

The election results badly shattered the false image created by the polls. But the polls were meant to suppress the Republican vote and provide cover for the cover-up of the election fraud now underway in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, among other places.

The endgame was always going to come down to a wave of ballots that would appear out of nowhere in just the right number.

But for the country to swallow this big lie, it had to appear as if President Trump were doomed, as if few voters were going to the polls, and then the fraud would be plausible.

Instead, Republican voters stormed the polls and took part in huge rallies. The in-person vote was undeniable and couldn't be stopped. The polls were discredited.

But that doesn't mean that the election fraud won't go forward anyway. It just means that it won't be plausible. 

The millions and millions of Americans who showed up to the polls make the lie that the media will spend all day selling us unsupportable. The Democrats will find their ballots. They found them in Wisconsin, they'll find them in Pennsylvania.

No matter how many Kenosha residents, revolted by Black Lives Matter violence and terror, came out against them, the Democrats found plenty of ballots to offset them. That's going to be the game again and again. 

It's not the first time.

That's how JFK beat Nixon. 

But this time, Republicans are no longer going to be afraid to challenge the fraud. The election is over, the struggle for the truth is underway.

The ultimate question on the ballot was whether the American people would allow themselves to be lied to. The votes on that will be cast day in and day out as the struggle for the election continues.


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