Public Health Experts Say Postpone Christmas

Here's a better idea.

Maybe we should abolish Christianity, and probably Judaism, and just replace all existing holidays with a worship of public health experts. And then everyone can clap all day, every day for the NHS, and whatever the abominable American version will be, in the permanent lockdown.

Just like in the UK.

Christmas should be postponed for six months to prevent coronavirus causing "massive damage" in early 2021, a public health director has warned.

Mark Adams, who oversees South Tees, said that while he might sound like "Ebenezer Scrooge" it was "eminently sensible" to move it to the summer.

"I read recently an idea about bumping Christmas to June or July and having Christmas Day then, and I think that sounds like an eminently sensible thing to do," he added.

Sure. Why not? And then it'll have to be postponed again in July for a century or so after we do another 15 days to stop the spread. 

Somehow no one has come up with a brilliant plan to postpone Ramadan though because even public health experts don't do well with being beheaded. It's why Cuomo and the New York Post keep targeting Orthodox Jewish weddings, but is carefully avoiding Muslim public gatherings.

But we'll all be able to celebrate Faucimass.